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250* Fahrenheit, 6 Hours.
By: Wesly Pate — August 5, 2020

As interest rates have declined, so too has the margin for error, thus increasing the benefits of portfolio diversification.
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How Much Will It Hertz?
By: Jake Remley — July 29, 2020

The Hertz Global Holdings bankruptcy in May has wide-ranging implications for Rental Fleet ABS. While a six-month compromise between creditors and Hertz was reached this week, the recent challenge by Hertz’s lawyers regarding the sanctity of the master trust lease agreement raises serious questions – most notably, how other ABS master trust indentures may be affected. As a result, we continue to watch these legal proceedings with interest.
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Game Changer
By: Bill O’Neill — July 22, 2020

Capital markets are forever changing. Credit spread compensation was once fairly straightforward to analyze, compare, and digest. That is no longer so.
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