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The Process (Portfolio Construction)
By: Ed Ingalls — September 15, 2021

Just like with car shopping, where there are many models to choose from, fixed income portfolio construction also comes in many styles, whether macroeconomic-focused, sector-oriented, or bottom-up.
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Why We’ll Never Forget
By: Ed Ingalls — September 9, 2021

As we reflect on what happened 20 years ago, and mourn the lost lives of innocent civilians, first responders, and our military killed in action, it is easy to be overcome by emotion. The profound sadness experienced by survivors and those who lost loved ones will never really subside. While we will always remember all who suffered unspeakable losses that day and in the following years, we hope that we can continue to move forward with light, kindness, and unity.
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Will The Real Rate Please Stand Up?
By: Jake Remley — September 1, 2021

A heavyweight fight is brewing, and fixed-income investors sit ringside. Interest rate Bulls have the steepness of the yield curve, threats to global growth from COVID variants, and labor market slack in their corner. Interest rate Bears have rising inflation data, highly negative real yields, and heightened Treasury supply in their corner. Both await the ding-ding of the bell by the Federal Reserve.
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