Sustainable Investing.

We are committed to the sustainable investment of our clients’ assets and have been since our inception. For us, sustainability is one tile in our overall investment mosaic. The consideration of material environmental, social, and governance factors is integral to our investment and credit research processes.


IR+M Sustainable Investing Solutions

$1.5 bn
in ESG-Specific Strategies
Years PRI Signatory
Key Issues Within Our Research Process

Sustainable Investing Highlights

  • 25+ years of experience managing Socially Responsible Investment portfolios using negative screens for client-specific mandates and objectives.
  • PRI Signatory since 2013.
  • Cross-functional ESG Committee leverages the insight of our investment, product, client service, and compliance professionals.
  • Proprietary key issues map – with over 100 inputs – identifies potentially critical credit risks.
  • Integration of material ESG factors into credit research process.
  • Continued issuer engagement on consequential ESG topics and benefits of improved disclosure.

ESG Integration.

We believe that our analysis of ESG factors in tandem with traditional credit metrics mitigates downside risk and highlights potential credit issues. We implement negative screening only when directed by a client.

SRI Strategies.

We partner with third-party vendors to monitor client-directed social restrictions. We offer customized portfolios, as well as our IR+M Socially Responsible Core Bond Fund.

Positively-Tilted ESG Strategies.

Depending on our clients’ needs, we offer positively-tilted ESG strategies that can emphasize ESG leaders, minimize ESG laggards, incorporate negative screens, and reflect distinct thematic principles.
A PRI signatory since 2013, and a practitioner since 1987.

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