We are diligent, value-oriented investors, skilled at uncovering and evaluating fixed income opportunities.


Our investment philosophy is based on our belief that careful security selection and actively managing portfolio risk provides superior results over the long-term. We strive to deliver strong performance over a market cycle via an understandable and consistent investment process.

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A Statement on Events at the Capitol

The events on January 6th in Washington were an American disgrace. Many have sacrificed immensely to preserve our democracy — our freedom, our ability to civilly disagree, the sanctity of free and fair elections, the peaceful transfer of power. And it was all enormously compromised and jeopardized yesterday.

Moreover, as the Celtics’ Jaylen Brown said in response, “in one America, you get killed for sleeping in your car…and then in another America, you get to storm the Capitol.” In all, these events are a sobering reminder that we have miles and miles to go on our incredibly important journey.

Please join me in being angry and frustrated, and yet completely undeterred. We have a path we must stay on — a path of respect and decency and inclusiveness for all. Not for some pocket of America or some faction of America — but for all of America.

Bill O’Malley
Chief Executive Officer
Co-Chief Investment Officer

A Statement on Racial Injustice

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What We Think

See our perspective on key developments in the US fixed income market and learn more about our investment philosophy, process, and strategies.

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What We Do

IR+M seeks to deliver superior investment results and outstanding client service. We strive to develop long-term relationships with our clients, based on a deep understanding of their objectives. With an investment team that manages both broad-market and focused fixed income strategies, we offer options to meet a wide variety of needs. Clients will find that IR+M is always ready to answer their questions and provide timely and straightforward communication.

How We Work

IR+M embraces a “no surprises” philosophy, equipping clients with proactive communication about market and investment developments. We take a genuine interest in our clients and are committed to providing accessibility and transparency.

Our Clients

We manage broad market and focused US fixed income portfolios for institutional and private clients. At IR+M, we are skilled at constructing unique solutions to meet our clients’ diverse investment objectives.