More Than Words

By: Amy DiMarzio
November 10, 2021

Heading into the final frame of 2021 (how is that possible?!), we at IR+M were in a need of a little energy infusion – a spark to help propel us towards the finish line.  As is the IR+M way, the flicker of an idea quickly ignited into a movement powered by unbridled enthusiasm.  IR+M’s version of Oktoberfest was born, and launched to great fanfare on October 1st!

The IR+M take on Oktoberfest included some of the key ingredients (food and drink!) found in Munich’s yearly event, as well as a heavy dose of gemütlichkeit – a feeling of warmth, friendliness, belonging, and good cheer.  IR+Mers have gemütlichkeit in spades.  We’re all about creating a culture of purpose and embodying our Core Values, which espouse investment in our clients, community, and colleagues; respect for each other’s beliefs and differences; advocacy for change and growth; and trust that we are stronger together.  Game on!

With a stretch of 31 days before us, IR+Mers excitedly exchanged lederhosen for firm-branded swag, and immediately populated the Oktoberfest calendar with a variety of events.  At IR+M, a lot of what we do is inspired by grassroots movements.  Like Walt Disney said, “If you can dream it, you can do it.”  No idea is ever met with the sound of crickets.  If anything, at IR+M, it’s exactly the opposite.  We tend to come out in droves for just about any reason.

During October, a festive buzz was pervasive across our home office at 100 Federal Street in Boston, as well as across our home offices in Massachusetts and beyond.  The curated Oktoberfest lineup seemingly had an outing for every passion and every schedule.  Feel like sweating it out during a before-the-bell remote boot camp?  Want to dash out for a mid-day coffee with neighboring colleagues?  Interested in a late afternoon hike through the Fells Reservation?  Check, check, and check.

We even sponsored events that were geared towards those with a love of adventurous cuisine, four-legged friends, and mindfulness.  On a Thursday, a group of 20 strong set out for 5 Spices House, an authentic Sichuan restaurant in Boston’s Chinatown neighborhood.  Lunch goers were psyched to experience two disparate menus.  Menu one was for the most daring – pigeon on a stick, spicy duck tongue, and fried cicada.  Menu two catered to the more conservative palate – pan fried pork ravioli, Kung Pao shrimp, and mapo tofu.  Menu one was actually a clever ruse devised by our event sponsors, and the source of many laughs that day.

Our Oktoberfest fun wasn’t limited to market hours on weekdays.  On a Sunday, while the bond market was closed, a host of IR+Mers packed up their pooches and congregated in a school parking lot for donuts, dog treats, and a muddy trek through winding and hilly trails.  As evidenced by the photos, a good time was had by all.

This was the before:

This was the after:

We’d be remiss if we didn’t also mention our October Mondays, which began in zen-like fashion.  After our usual morning huddle, our very own Robin Rueter, with her soothing tones, virtually guided IR+Mers through 10-minute meditation sessions, which helped ease us into the week and mitigate quarter-end stress.

Over 31 days and 49 distinct events, we donned glow-in-the-dark necklaces, noshed on pakoras and samosas, and celebrated Diwali’s Festival of Lights at the Franklin Park Zoo.

We cheered endlessly for Boston Marathon runners – including two from IR+M – as they bravely ascended Heartbreak Hill at mile 18.  We walked the Freedom and Black Heritage Trails in Boston.  We made Halloween cards for kids, picked pumpkins, and imbibed craft beverages.  Together, we made sure that the heartbeat of our firm – our culture – remained strong.  Not surprisingly, IR+M’s Oktoberfest has spilled into November, and will undoubtedly flow into December.  And why not?  At IR+M, we’ve always been go big or go home.


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