A 10 out of 10 for Year 10

After weathering the storm induced by an acute March banking crisis (how was that only three months ago?
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After weathering the storm induced by an acute March banking crisis (how was that only three months ago?!) and trying to decipher the Fed’s endless rhetoric, we at IR+M were incredibly grateful for the arrival of our annual IR+M Gives BACK (Bonding about Charity and Kindness) Week in June. For those keeping score, 2023 marked this eagerly anticipated event’s 10-year anniversary. While we remained laser-focused on our day jobs, it felt like we were given the gift of an extra hour or two each day for one week only. With virtual Gives BACK Week a not-so-distant memory, we firmly grabbed hold of the opportunity to do this week right – together, in person, and with infinite zeal as we celebrated our surrounding community and the charities that we love so much.


In typical IR+M fashion, we kicked off the week on an exceptionally high and symbolic note. We welcomed the team from Embrace Boston, an organization that aims to connect, educate, and energize our communities and cultivate racial and economic justice in Boston. This group, in partnership with the City of Boston, also sponsored the Embrace monument, which honors the lives and legacies of Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. and Coretta Scott King. Nearly 200 IR+Mers congregated in our office to listen to the missive of Embrace Boston’s Gregory Ball, who perfectly conveyed the theme of the week – embracing the world around us and lending our hands and voices to those who need it most.  Gives BACK Week was officially off and running!

Now, this may not surprise you – we are a bond manager, after all – but some of us at IR+M are slightly obsessed with numbers.  Even those of us who aren’t can still get behind the strong stats that we collectively put up that week.  Please continue reading…


Within seconds of breaking from our Monday morning huddle, our first of 14 Gives BACK events was underway. Each event that week featured a different activity in honor of a different charitable cause. As the clock struck 9am, our resident wellness guru, Robin, led a group of IR+Mers in a highly effective, yet efficient, meditation session in recognition of National Alzheimer’s and Brain Awareness Month. Event proceeds were donated to the Alzheimer’s Association. The 13 other events that week followed a similar model. We spread out across Boston, descending upon South Boston’s Carson Beach and freeing the sand of debris. We visited the Asian American Civic Association in Chinatown, which serves clients from over 125 countries and focuses on economic self-sufficiency and participation in American society. We volunteered at Community Servings, got our sweat on with InnerCity Weightlifting, attended a parental mental health workshop, and held an IR+M pooches meet-up at Sheepfold Dog Park.

And if these diverse and creative outings weren’t buzz-worthy enough, the week was punctuated by our crown jewel, our pièce de resistance – our annual employee granting contest. A staggering 22 IR+Mers bared their souls in carefully curated one minute and 30 second videos. For 33 collective minutes, one IR+Mer after another spoke passionately about an inspiring charitable cause that was deserving of a grant from our donor-advised fund, the IR+M Charitable Fund. These videos tugged on our heartstrings, evoking goosebumps, tears, and wonder. They were easily THE talk of the office for days as IR+Mers undertook the impossible task of voting for their top five choices. In keeping with the good vibes of Gives BACK Week, every nominated charity was a winner, and every IR+Mer played a role in positively affecting the futures of 22 organizations.


By the end of our 10th Gives BACK Week, we had registered an amazing 375 human – and 12 canine – attendees at 14 events, and we spent a whopping 300 hours learning, volunteering, and raising money for our community – $350,000 and growing. See – we love numbers AND giving back! Bring on year 11!

As of 6/21/23. The views contained in this report are those of IR+M and are based on information obtained by IR+M from sources that are believed to be reliable.  This report is for informational purposes only and is not intended to provide specific advice, recommendations for, or projected returns of any particular IR+M product.  No part of this material may be reproduced in any form, or referred to in any other publication, without express written permission from Income Research & Management.

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