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Rocky Road in a Waffle Cone with Gummi Bears on Top
By: Angela Meringoff — July 29, 2021

Customizing a fixed income portfolio can be like ordering off-menu at a restaurant; do you want to eat the chef's famous dish, or would you rather have a meal cooked to your specifications?
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Short Corporate Convexity – A Monster Lurks Beneath
By: Wesly Pate — July 21, 2021

The range-of-returns profile of the front-end corporate market is evolving rapidly. Callable bond exposure in the front-end investment-grade corporate market has increased fourfold over the past decade, but traditional bond price calculations fail to fully reflect the relative value dynamics that can exist.
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Securitized Sudoku: An Investor’s Trilemma
By: Jake Remley — July 14, 2021

Securitized products have gradually become more heterogeneous. No longer can the securitized universe be simply considered a short, stable yield-alternative to unsecured credit. New collateral types and structures offer enticing yield, but investors must be cognizant of the trade-offs with liquidity and cash flow stability.
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