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Innovation Amidst Chaos
By: Isha Chanana — October 1, 2021

As I write this, I am watching my 3-year-old son spread out his arts and crafts supplies, including some glitter, paint, and a bottle of glue (yes, paint & glue!), with the hopes of decorating an empty Amazon box. Amidst this chaos, I am reminded of the chaos that we’re currently facing in the market – the cessation of the London Interbank Offer Rate (LIBOR) and the emergence of the regulatory backed Secured Overnight Funding Rate (SOFR) and alternative Credit Sensitive Rates (CSRs).
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Musings on Long Corporate Investability
By: Theresa Roy — September 23, 2021

Funded status increases have triggered broad de-risking into fixed income from pension plans. In this blog, we explore the availability, investability, and liquidity of long corporate supply to meet the resulting increased demand.
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The Process (Portfolio Construction)
By: Ed Ingalls — September 15, 2021

Just like with car shopping, where there are many models to choose from, fixed income portfolio construction also comes in many styles, whether macroeconomic-focused, sector-oriented, or bottom-up.
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Why We’ll Never Forget
By: Ed Ingalls — September 9, 2021

As we reflect on what happened 20 years ago, and mourn the lost lives of innocent civilians, first responders, and our military killed in action, it is easy to be overcome by emotion. The profound sadness experienced by survivors and those who lost loved ones will never really subside. While we will always remember all who suffered unspeakable losses that day and in the following years, we hope that we can continue to move forward with light, kindness, and unity.
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ESG in Fixed Income
By: Allison Walsh — August 26, 2021

How incorporating ESG into our research process has helped me sleep a little easier at night.
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What is Your Road to R&R?
By: Allysen Mattison — August 18, 2021

Kick back for some R&R and stroll down understanding the steppingstones of the Risk path that leads to your Return destination.
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Rocky Road in a Waffle Cone with Gummi Bears on Top
By: Angela Meringoff — July 29, 2021

Customizing a fixed income portfolio can be like ordering off-menu at a restaurant; do you want to eat the chef's famous dish, or would you rather have a meal cooked to your specifications?
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Short Corporate Convexity – A Monster Lurks Beneath
By: Wesly Pate — July 21, 2021

The range-of-returns profile of the front-end corporate market is evolving rapidly. Callable bond exposure in the front-end investment-grade corporate market has increased fourfold over the past decade, but traditional bond price calculations fail to fully reflect the relative value dynamics that can exist.
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Securitized Sudoku: An Investor’s Trilemma
By: Jake Remley — July 14, 2021

Securitized products have gradually become more heterogeneous. No longer can the securitized universe be simply considered a short, stable yield-alternative to unsecured credit. New collateral types and structures offer enticing yield, but investors must be cognizant of the trade-offs with liquidity and cash flow stability.
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Have You Filled a Bucket Today?
By: Amy DiMarzio — June 30, 2021

Last week, we at IR+M held our eighth annual IR+M Gives B.A.C.K Week. Together, we filled the buckets of 43 different charities. Over the course of the week, our individual buckets were filled many more times than 43.
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