Two Minutes With Jeremy Holtz

When I think back to my first impression of IR+M, it was when viewing a picture of the entire firm on the website.
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Why did you choose IR+M?


When I think back to my first impression of IR+M, it was when viewing a picture of the entire firm on the website. To me, that picture conveyed inclusivity and camaraderie – two attributes that were important to me. I believed that if I worked diligently at a smaller firm like IR+M, I could make a meaningful impact. After nine years at IR+M, I can confirm that my initial thought about our core values was spot on. These tenets remain ever-present today.


Describe your career path. How has it evolved at IR+M?


Prior to joining IR+M, I worked as a Senior Pricing Analyst at a larger + COLLABORATIVE CULTURE
firm. Even then, my goal was to be a part of the investment team; I’ve
always been intrigued by the markets’ complexity and mercurial nature.
To get there, I knew that I’d have to work exceptionally hard, so I
simultaneously pursued my MBA and CFA. Initially, IR+M hired me as
an Operations Analyst. I’ve since migrated from a Risk Analyst, where I learned portfolio construction and management skills, to a Municipal Trader. My evolution continues, as I’m now taking on more responsibility within Portfolio Strategy.


What do you love most about your job? What do you find most challenging?


I love many aspects of my job and IR+M. I love that, as a Trader, I’m pushed intellectually every day. The markets have a way of humbling you; there’s always a new development or strategy to process. I especially love IR+M’s culture, and that my colleagues are also my friends. As for what’s challenging – it can be difficult to digest the constant flow of information that surrounds me. I continually try to separate the material from the immaterial, and parse information to uncover opportunities.


How do you collaborate in your team and across teams?


Our trading desk is well-integrated, which fosters collaboration across the sectors. We sit within a few feet of each other, and freely share market observations. I thrive in this environment because I want to learn something new every day. I‘ve discovered that a working knowledge of corporate bond trading informs my work as a Taxable Municipal Bond Trader; it helps with cross-sector relative value decisions. We’re able to compare a taxable muni side-by-side with a corporate bond, which allows us to assess if one is rich or cheap compared to the other. We may not always agree on every trade, and that’s okay – there are innumerable opinions in the market. When we share ideas, listen to opposing viewpoints, and learn from each other, the team’s synergies shine the brightest.


What inspires you?


I think that time, age, and circumstances have affected and altered what inspires me. My greatest inspiration is my two young boys, who I want to help become the best people possible. Aside from my family, my other great passion is music. I enjoy a variety of bands and artists, and love to expand the boundaries of my musical taste. Finally, I’m inspired by underdogs –those who fight for everything they have and, in the end, prevail.


What else are you involved with at IR+M?


At IR+M, we have countless opportunities to forge bonds and share experiences with our colleagues. I’m involved with our Networking Circles program, which is a firm-wide initiative sponsored by our Workforce Integration and Retention Forum. Networking Circles are comprised of 5 to 7 IR+Mers who work in all parts of the firm – Finance, Technology, and Client Service, etc. The Circles unite us, and provide us with an avenue to discuss TED talks, mindfulness, or what makes a great leader. We also venture out and do teambuilding activities, like curling and Escape the Room!


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