Tax Efficient Investing

IR+M’s Crossover philosophy is predicated on our value-oriented, bottom-up investment philosophy from the perspective of a tax-sensitive investor. Taxable bonds and municipal bonds are evaluated on the basis of credit quality, structure, and after-tax relative value to arrive at an optimal portfolio allocation. Our goal is to achieve a superior after-tax total rate of return while maintaining a diversified, liquid, and high-quality portfolio. The experience and consistency of our senior investment team, along with our integrated credit, securitized, and municipal teams, gives us a distinct advantage when constructing portfolios.

Crossover Investing Benefits

  • Broadened diversification and portfolio opportunity set, improved liquidity, and enhanced after-tax return potential
  • Bottom-up relative value across sectors allows for tax-efficient sector and yield curve allocation
  • Market dislocations, such as changes in the municipal/taxable relationship, can lead to inefficiencies which create opportunities

Relative Value Drivers

  • After-tax yield and return potential
  • Stability of cash flows
  • Credit quality
  • Liquidity
  • Municipal/taxable market supply/demand imbalances
  • Structure opportunities

IR+M Crossover Implementation

  • Tax-efficient trading with after-tax performance measurement and reporting
  • Sector analysts continuously scour market for best ideas
  • Crossover team monitors relative value while looking for opportunities to enhance after-tax return profile
  • No “black box” model; rigorous but flexible analytics allow portfolio manager expertise to guide decision making

IR+M Crossover Management

  • Exposure to IR+M’s best and most tax efficient ideas
  • Crossover portfolio management since 2006
  • $4.4 billion in Crossover AUM
  • Experienced client portfolio team

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