Liability Driven Investing

We take a practical approach to liability driven investing (LDI) by working with clients and consultants to help define plan sponsor’s objectives, develop solutions, and ultimately build prudent and cost-effective portfolios. To achieve this, we combine the liability-hedging expertise of our LDI team with our traditional high-quality, bottom-up investment philosophy, and provide seamless guidance through all stages of a plan sponsor’s LDI journey.

A History in LDI

  • Since our inception in 1987, we have provided practical solutions for plan sponsors seeking fixed income exposure within their pension plans.
  • We believe our approach to constructing high-quality duration and curve neutral portfolios fits naturally for pension plans looking to better align assets with pension liabilities.
  • Our LDI team joins experienced members of our investment, client service and actuarial teams to develop solutions tailored to the unique plan liabilities.
  • LDI solutions include separate-account and private investment fund options, ranging from standard benchmarks to fully customized offerings.

The LDI Journey

  • As sponsors move through the LDI journey, they often require increasingly sophisticated investment solutions to meet the changing risk profiles of their plans.
  • Sponsors may transition their portfolios over time or incorporate other factors, such as funded status, market conditions or regulations affecting the pension plan.
  • At each stage of the process, we take a practical approach, balancing the need for greater sophistication against the potential for additional costs.
  • To achieve success, we believe it is key to partner with managers that possess a range of LDI capabilities. At IR+M we work with clients through all stages of their LDI journeys.

IR+M Long Duration and LDI Management

  • 77 LDI mandates
  • $17.1 billion in LDI AUM
  • Dedicated LDI Team
  • Separate accounts and private investment fund options
  • Ability to customize portfolios/benchmarks
  • 25+ years proven track record managing long duration portfolios

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