Insurance Solutions

IR+M is a privately owned investment management firm specializing in managing US fixed income portfolios for institutional and private clients. Our investment philosophy is based on the belief that careful security selection and actively managing portfolio risk provides superior results over the long-term. Our approach to managing insurance portfolios is consistent with our value-oriented, bottom-up investment philosophy and our ability to customize investment solutions.

Key Differentiators of IR+M Insurance Investment Process:

  • Over 20 years experience working with insurance organizations
  • Offer tailored solutions versus off-the-shelf products
  • Incorporate specialized guidelines including gain/loss, quality, sector, or other constraints as well as customized benchmarks
  • Manage various strategies that range from unconstrained total return to book yield focused
  • Consider unique client tax situations (if applicable)
  • Invest seamlessly across taxable and tax-exempt sectors as appropriate

IR+M Insurance Client Strategies¹

Traditional Focused
Short Convertibles
Intermediate/Aggregate TIPS
Long Treasury Only
Government/Credit Corporate Only
Short Municipal Government Only
Core Municipal
Real Return Target Yield
Inflation Protection Crossover

Client Centric Approach

  • Customized solutions developed to meet client investment objectives – ability to work closely with clients to identify and understand business and investment objectives
  • Familiarity with insurance company reporting requirements – can provide detailed portfolio analysis and support (OTTI, FAS 157 analysis, rating agency surveys)
  • High-quality emphasis minimizes risk-based capital charges and rating agency/regulator concerns
  • Conservative approach can provide excellent downside protection

IR+M Insurance Management

  • $10.2 billion in Insurance AUM
  • Separately managed accounts
  • Proven track record managing taxable and municipal portfolios for over 20 years
  • Ability to customize portfolios/benchmarks
  • Dedicated Insurance Client Portfolio Team

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As of 12/31/19

¹This list represents many, but not all of the strategies Insurance clients have invested in at IR+M.

The views contained in this report are those of IR+M and are based on information obtained by IR+M from sources that are believed to be reliable.  This report is for informational purposes only and is not intended to provide specific advice, recommendations for, or projected returns of any particular IR+M product. No part of this material may be reproduced in any form, or referred to in any other publication, without express written permission from Income Research & Management.