Cash Management

IR+M’s approach to managing corporate cash portfolios centers on our value-oriented, bottom-up investment philosophy and our ability to customize investment solutions for clients. The experience and consistency of our Senior Investment Team, along with our ability to leverage our size, gives us a distinct advantage in constructing portfolios. Corporate cash presents challenges and opportunities and our dedicated team works with clients to define the appropriate solution that best meets the client’s objectives.

IR+M Corporate Cash Philosophy

  • IR+M considers the following client needs to develop solutions1:
  • Safety of principal
  • Gain/Loss Sensitivity
  • Liquidity
  • Tax Considerations
  • Need for return and yield
  • Cash Commitments
  • Time Horizon
  • Diversification

  • IR+M partners with our clients to create customized portfolio solutions versus traditional cash management products.
    • Our dedicated Client Service Team communicates proactively and in a timely manner
    • Our Investment Team performs detailed portfolio analysis
  • IR+M provides transparent, customized reporting and timely access to information

IR+M Corporate Cash Implementation

  • As interest rates hover at historic lows, IR+M seeks to improve traditional cash returns by adding sector diversification beyond what is typically found in short cash strategies
  • The investment strategy may focus on a client’s cash segmentation plan, which tiers cash by various time horizons, return expectations, and investment guidelines
  • The short end of the yield curve presents opportunities in both the credit and securitized sectors
    • Allocations to SBAs, Agency ARMs, CMBS, and Fannie Mae DUS can add both high-quality diversification and yield
    • An allocation to municipal bonds may add after-tax relative value as long as the deductibility of the tax-exemption is preserved
  • We invest in high-quality, US dollar-denominated bonds with a focus on principal protection

IR+M Corporate Cash and Short Duration Management

  • $16.1 billion in Short AUM
  • No lockups, leverage, or securities lending
  • Separately managed accounts
  • Ability to customize portfolios/benchmarks
  • Proven track record managing Short Duration portfolios for over 30 years

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As of 12/31/19  1This is not an all inclusive list.

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