BenefitsPRO – Is The Flexibility Worth The Risk?

February 1, 2022
Original article by Theresa Roy

Theresa Roy, Investment Product Specialist at Income Research + Management, shared her analysis and views on the health of pension plans at the end of 2021 and how they can position their portfolios to succeed in 2022 in an op-ed for BenefitsPRO. She explores how the American Rescue Plan Act, the Infrastructure Investment Jobs Act, and other forms of funding relief led certain plan sponsors to consider re-risking in the search for higher returns. Theresa considers how re-risking allocations and deferral contribution amounts may delay plans from reaching their long term goals, given potential market dips this year. She also addresses how LDI offers a more measured path that does not risk recent funded status gains and facilitates predictable contributions.

Read full article here (paywalled).

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