IR+M’s multi-sector approach to incorporate Environmental, Social, and Corporate Governance (ESG) factors into our firm-wide investment process complements our approach to Sustainable and Responsible Investing (SRI). We strive to conduct business responsibly and sustainably while adding value to our surrounding community.


  • IR+M’s office is located in an Energy Star and LEED Silver Star Certified Building
  • Our location is centrally located to all forms of mass transport which enables employees to commute on train, subway, bus, bike, and foot
  • Recent office renovations utilize state-of-the-art T-8 LED lighting, motion sensors, and a Computerized Energy Management System for optimized energy efficiency
  • Our recycling program includes single stream recycling containers at all desks, routine recycling audits, and a central compost for organic waste
  • We are committed to reducing consumption of disposables and encourage double-sided printing, and reusable office dishware

Commitment to ESG + Socially Responsible Investing

  • As a PRI signatory, IR+M has a dedicated cross-functional group focused on ESG issues
  • IR+M offers a full-service SRI solution, in which we construct customized portfolios that adhere to our clients’ specific social screening requirements

IR+M’s Approach to SRI

  • We construct diversified portfolios that meet our clients’ SRI needs and adhere to their specific standards
  • Our approach incorporates criteria to exclude issuers based on a company’s involvement in a given area of business
    • IR+M utilizes a third-party data and research provider to monitor social restrictions
    • Investments are screened on a pre-trade and post-trade basis within our trade order management system, LatentZero
  • We seek to maintain broadly diversified portfolios and considers the impact of SRI screens as part of the investment process
  • We incorporate social screens into our credit review process in tandem with the mosaic theory
    • Companies that routinely violate environmental regulations, abuse corporate power, and exhibit governance issues tend to have more volatile credit spreads, headline risk, and potential for negative event risk
  • Approximately 15% of IR+M’s assets under management are subject to SRI screening
  • Sample areas of screening are: Healthcare, Adult Entertainment, Alcohol, Environmental Performance, Gambling, Predatory Lending, Tobacco, and Weapons Production

UNPRI Signatory

In May of 2013, IR+M became a signatory to the United Nations Principles for Responsible Investment PRI Signatory
(“UNPRI”).  This was an important milestone in our continued commitment to responsible investing, which includes a 15+ year track record of managing Socially Responsible Investment portfolios.

As a signatory, we have formally pledged to consider
Environmental, Social, and Governance factors during our investment decision-making process. We believe this commitment complements our investment approach and inspires us to further enhance the integration of ESG factors into our process.


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As of 9/30/17

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